Weekly Boffin no. 11

At Boffin we consider ourselves, perhaps a little optimistically at times, to be functioning adults. By and large we are in control of our lives and the decisions we make regarding them. Little choices like eating pizza for breakfast and taking the kids to school wearing your pyjamas*. Big choices like buying a house or moving to a new town because people were critical about the slovenly way you dress on the school run. We are all in control. It is human nature to want to control things, to be part of the decisions which shape our future. Why then are so many people so apathetic about voting? The question of who governs our country is enormous and it is just around the corner. Unlike many countries you are not legally obliged to vote in the UK, morally however the pull should be irresistible. In spite of this, voter turnout at the last General Election was only 66%. A third of the people in the UK didn't think it was important enough to have their say. It is easy to cry "oh politicians don't do anything for us" or "my vote is pointless because of where I live". In some cases there is a degree of truth to both statements but whatever you disagree with it won't ever change if you don't vote. If you do believe that politicians are letting you down find out what they are doing instead. Learn about what their opposition is offering as an alternative, engage with politics. Nobody is asking you to read a manifesto from cover to cover and most mainstream news outlets carry excellent overviews of party policies. You might not like the result of an election you vote in but that is democracy and people have literally given their lives to make such choices available to us. At Boffin we don't care who you vote for we just care that you get out and vote. If you haven't already registered to vote you can do so here and it only take 5 minutes!

Job Of The WeekHR Partner (MI & Analytics)12 month fixed term contract.Happy to offer flexible part-time or fulltime options.38kIf this sounds like you or someone you know please get in touch here!

On This DayIn keeping with the political theme, on this day in 1860 the Republican Party nominated Abraham Lincoln as president. Lincoln served from March 4th 1861 to April 15th 1865 when he was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth whilst attending the theatre.

What's OnPhoto London at Somerset House. This international photography event offers the chance to see work by over 80 exhibitors. There will also be book signings, screenings, talks and tours. Find out more here.

Fact Of The WeekToday is "Visit Your Relatives" day. Considering my Mum needs about three months notice for a social engagement involving her kids I'm going to need more of a run up at this but it's a nice sentiment. * They are tracksuit bottoms and if I wear them outside they become outside trousers. Deal with it!