Weekly Boffin no. 23

Love them or hate them, certain things in life are unavoidable. The man on the bus during summer who has decided that deodorant probably isn't for him. The tourist at the station forgetting that their suitcase makes them three feet longer thus leaving a tsunami of destruction behind them as a result. There are constants for all of us and in the UK, regardless of whether you're a fan or not, football tends to be one of them. On Friday night the Premier League returns for its 25th season. I am contractually obliged to point out that football existed before then but it didn't have the showbiz razzle dazzle we now associate with the professional game. From Brian Deane's inaugural goal in 1992 to Michy Batshuayi's 92nd minute strike that ended last season, a lot of water (and money) has passed under the bridge. To call the Premier League multi-cultural is something of an understatement. Players from 64 different countries played in the league last season but that wasn't always the case. On the opening Saturday 25 years ago only 5% of the players were neither British or Irish. Compare that with 50% of starting lineups from the corresponding weekend in 2016. Buying all that overseas talent doesn't come cheap. Since 1992 Chelsea have spent over £1.7 billion on players. The two Manchester clubs aren't far behind with City spending £1.4 billion and United £1.3 billion. With all that money leaving the club you'd think Chelsea would try and recoup some of it. That won't come from the sale of pies, however. The current champions have the league's cheapest pies at £2.40 with West Ham doing nothing to placate disgruntled fans by charging £4.50 for their pastry snacks! The Premier League isn't just popular here though. Matches are shown by 80 different broadcasters in 212 territories around the world. An average match is watched by 12 million people globally. Compare this with the figure of around 2 million viewers for a game from La Liga in Spain. The argument about who has the best league is an impossible debate but the prize for the most popular is in no doubt. Such popularity brings huge TV deals and the latest one was worth around £8 billion. As a result teams are desperate to stay in the league and although three will be relegated by May next they'll have to go some to beat the league's worst ever record. In the 2007/8 season Derby County were relegated by March and only won one game. Their 32 match losing streak is also the worst in Premier League history. So there you have it. Like the bloke in the pub selling hooky DVDs football is back and it's everywhere. Some of you might want to go into hibernation until it's (briefly) all over but the Weekly Boffin is more excited than a dog with two................footballs.

Job of the Week 3D Artist, London

  • Opportunities to work on many large scale and high profile projects.

  • Must have an art and design related degree ideally in architecture, interior or 3D design.

  • Must have experience working in architectural, interior design or Visualisation Studio.

  • Knowledge of Autocad, Sketchup, Rivet, Rhino and After Effects would be advantageous.

  • There are two roles available.

  • Role 1 - £26,000

  • Role 2 - £38,000 - £43,000

If this sounds like you or someone you know please get in touch here!

On This Day

On this day in 1627 Cardinal Richelieu began the siege of La Rochelle. Details are sketchy on what Dogtanian and the Muskerhounds were doing to counter such terrible actions.

What's On

The Great British Beer Festival is back for its 40th year at Olympia. over 800 ales, ciders and perries across 20 bars this weekend. Read more details here.

Fact Of The Week

Today is Ecuadorian independence day. Did you know that Ecuador is one of only two countries in South America that doesn't share a border with Brazil? Chile is the other nation.