We’re Boffins in the field of recruitment. With a wealth of industry knowledge we are able to advise and guide you through the recruitment process. We are incredibly proud of the service we provide and the relationships we have with our clients and candidates alike. We believe our honest, consultative approach is the reason people love us!


​a person who has extensive skill or knowledge in a particular field: a recruitment boffin


Like many great ideas Boffin Recruitment began life in a shed at the end of the garden. Drawing on over 12 years' experience as a top-billing consultant for major agencies our founder, Victoria has created an adaptable working environment that meets the needs of both clients and candidates but crucially the consultants as well.

Our clients can expect seasoned recruiters with a wealth of industry knowledge, capable of seeing projects through from beginning to end. Candidates will benefit from working with consultants who aren't desperate to push you towards unsuitable roles just to meet KPIs. Consultants who work with us are joining a team where the only limit is those they place on themselves.

Since launching Boffin, Victoria has built a close-knit team with a diverse array of professional backgrounds. Obvious experience comes from both the recruitment and H.R. sectors but we have also drawn from the worlds of publishing, journalism and even performing arts. Such a rare amalgamation of talent and ideas has resulted in a fully flexible consultancy that thinks differently.

Blue Stairway


Finding a new job can be stressful. At Boffin we want to remove as many of the difficulties as possible. We're not driven by traditional targets so you're more than just a statistic to us.

Our consultants recruit for a diverse range of industries. As a result we don't pigeonhole ourselves and we don't think you should either. Changing jobs can be enormously rewarding and we are excited to see you grasp these new opportunities.


  • We have flexible operating hours meaning that you don't have to field awkward calls from our consultants while you're at work.

  • Our team has a combined recruitment experience of almost 120 years. Any consultant you speak to will understand your unique demands.

  • We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity. If a role isn't right for you we'll tell you.

Our relationship with you doesn't end on your first day in the new job. We are always available for advice and guidance.

Blue Stairway


It is no secret that finding a good recruiter can be tough. Getting the perfect mix of knowledge, compatibility and success is rare but at Boffin we have all that and more. With a combined experience of almost 120 years in the recruitment industry there can't be many situations our team hasn't encountered.

These are just some of the reasons we think we would be a perfect fit for your business:


  • A service based on transparency, trust and honesty.

  • A team who listen and aren't driven by the traditional KPIs.

  • Seasoned recruiters with a wealth of industry knowledge and experience.

  • A flexible working culture which allows us to operate outside traditional office hours.

  • Access to three of the UK's largest CV databases meaning that you won't miss out on any superstars.

Blue Stairway


We are constantly looking for new consultants to expand our team. Working with us brings a new set of challenges and rewards and both have the capacity to change your life.

Boffin is a recruitment hub providing professional services to experienced, self- employed recruiters. All too often the recruitment industry loses fantastic people like you. To counter this we have created a flexible working environment to meet your professional and personal goals.

At Boffin we understand that supporting the shifting priorities of a workforce can only be a positive thing, this is why our consultants work the hours that best suit them. We allow our people the individuality to build their own careers within a professional yet nurturing community.

What we offer:

  • The support, guidance, nurture and care of an experienced recruitment leadership team

  • An established brand name and an agency that is a proud REC member

  • Your profile on the Boffin website, access to the UK’s 3 biggest job sites for vacancy advertising and CV searching, use of the Boffin social media platforms

  • Full autonomy to run your business as you see fit. No generic ToBs; you set the terms. No managerial rate authorisations; you set the charges

  • Operational support services e.g. raising invoices, credit control etc.

  • Admin such as office support for when you bite off more than you can chew, business cards, landline and an email address


What we look for:

  • Bright, engaging people from any area of recruitment

  • Someone with a proven record of success in a sales environment

  • Incredible self-motivation and drive. Your success here relies entirely on how much work you put into the role


Boffin isn't like other agencies. Understanding our culture and how we work is key



Victoria founded Boffin recruitment in 2016 after 10 years working in recruitment. Having been an award-winning, top billing consultant for a well-known agency, Victoria has spent the next few years working for a truly lovely boutique agency. Over the course of her professional career she has built a network of loyal clients and candidates that trust her to do a great job. They are the backbone of the Boffin business and straddle a wide range of industries. She now happily splits her time between clients in London’s City and West End.

Originally from London, Victoria moved to Reigate, Surrey in 2016 with her husband and 5 year old daughter. 

Victoria's friends describe her as wildly ambitious, decisive and intuitive. She loves cooking, shopping, expensive handbags and being in bed by 9pm (on school nights).

Founding Boffin


Talent Management Boffin

​Lucy started her recruitment career straight after university in 2001. For 9 years she progressed in the same agency as Victoria. As a Consultant, Lucy was based in Westminster and specialised in the Public Sector, before moving up and on to Operation Management for the M4/M5 corridor. 

Most recently, having been relocated to Germany as a Military Wife, Lucy can be found ferrying her two young children from school to activity to activity, stopping for a coffee and catch up with her friends in between. In any spare time she has, she records voiceovers and audio books.

For Boffin, Lucy has taken on the role of Talent Management. Identifying, bringing on board and virtually managing our self-employed team of Consultants. With the aim of extending the Boffin brand and reach nationally, and across a variety of sectors. 

Lucy is tenacious, loves a project and enjoys getting her teeth into a challenge. She works out daily to kick away the cobwebs of life but enjoys a good meal and an even better glass of wine!​

Commercial Director

Jenny has worked in Recruitment for 11 years, she started her career in Bristol, before moving to London in 2005. Jenny works across a variety of disciplines placing candidates into permanent and temporary positions.  


Previous to coming to Boffin Jenny worked as a Director for a small boutique agency based in London. Jenny is proud to say she has worked with some of the same clients for more than a decade, she prides herself on having a really good understanding of what clients are looking for.


Jenny lives in North London with her husband, being an exercise enthusiast, she spends most of her time in the gym, or out in one of London's many cocktail bars! 

PA to Founding Boffin

Alice has been working for Boffin since day one (two Boffins in a spare bedroom). She has been working in recruitment for many years, both in London and the West Midlands. Her experience has crossed many sectors, with an emphasis on candidate relations. Alice is now our Founder’s wingwoman and diary manager extraordinaire, in addition to on-boarding new Boffins and running a busy London temps desk. Not forgetting talent acquisition – Alice is a dab hand at finding candidates their dream job!

She loves spending time with her family and lovely daughter, she's a huge music fan and spends any free time she has watching Friends re-runs! 


Digital Media Boffin

George has over 20 years experience in the retail industry covering a broad span of companies. These include Tesco, Homebase and Flight Centre. Most recently he managed a Cotswold based shop which specialised in the sale and installation of wood burning stoves. 

These positions have been interspersed with breaks to be a stay at home Dad to his two children. During such times he kept busy running two websites and writing for other sites such as The Mirror Online, Boxing Scene and Sabotage Times.

When not working George likes to spend time with his family, cook and watch just about any sport available. 

Finance and Operations Boffin

Thomas has over 15 years’ experience in leadership roles across financial media and digital recruitment platforms, most recently acting as publisher for an international portfolio of financial publications ranging from commercial real estate to insurance, from Hong Kong to Sao Paulo.

Based at Boffin HQ, Thomas is responsible for all financial and operational aspects of the business.

When not buried in spread sheets, Thomas enjoys running around the local park with his daughter, socialising with friends, watching a full range of sports from cricket to rugby to football and can often be found scouring charity shops for classic vinyl. As well as ensuring balance sheets balance and profit and loss accounts tally up, Thomas will also be tasked with the super important role of providing the music in the Boffin HQ, a delight for everyone’s ears. 



Chief Feline Officer

Simba, the Boffin office cat, brings over 15 years’ experience of ornithophobia and an inability to find a dry spot on a wet night. During office hours, he can usually be found sleeping in the printer cupboard.


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